Transcription Solutions of South Carolina, LLC provides services to private physician practices, multi-specialty practices, as well as ambulatory surgical centers all over the United States.   While we are able to provide services for hospitals, we cater to the specific needs of the private practice providers and that is why we perform better for all of our clients than any other national medical transcription service provider.    All of our transcriptionists are specifically trained in the area of the provider and all of our MTs are located in the United States.  

Transcription Solutions of South Carolina remains committed to providing the best and most accurate services to our clients and remain committed to not allowing any of our client information being outsourced out of the United States.   This is what makes Transcription Solutions of South Carolina the best MTSO provider today.  

Turn Around Time

All transcription is completed in 24 hours. Our system allows providers the flexibility to dictate just as he/she normally does using a handheld digital device, directly into a PC-microphone, or even over the phone. Once dictation is completed, the voice files are uploaded to a personal computer and transferred to Transcription Solutions of South Carolina via the Internet. Once work has been transcribed and edited, the completed work will be sent back directly to the personal computer ready to be printed.

Cost / Quality

We have the most competitive line rate in the industry. There are no hidden fees or extra costs. The cost savings are substantial for physician practices or small clinics that outsource with us by freeing up the manpower and valuable office space of in-house transcription. All of our MTs follow the high standards established by AHDI to ensure a 98% accuracy rate for all transcribed reports. We utilize 100% editing/proofing to ensure the most accurate health information documentation.  Transcription Solutions of South Carolina remains committed to continuing to provide all of these services to our clients without outsourcing outside of the United States.