Privacy / Security

We maintain HIPAA compliancy with 128-bit encryption. Our document repository gives you the ability to track dictation from beginning to end with our client management software. Transcription services for every aspect of medical communication; from everyday SOAP or follow-up notes, diagnostic procedures, letters to referring physicians, complete medical history and physicals, insurance related correspondence including IME’s and peer reviews. We never send transcription via email–this is not a HIPAA-compliant method of transmitting medical records. We require that the transmission of all voice and text files be encrypted and password-protected. All files are stored on triply-redundant storage subsystems, providing exceptional data integrity.

  • All client accounts use SSL for secure encrypted transmission.
  • Individual accounts and subaccounts are assigned login IDs and passwords for entry.
  • Individual, secure, permission based folders are provided for each client.

About our Data Center

General Facility Features

  • More than 33,000 square feet of total floor space located in three separate, but contiguous data centers at the Charlotte campus
  • Cabinets / Custom cages
  • AC power
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center

Data Center One Features:
– 13,600 square feet
– Overhead cable management and power distribution
– Static-dissipative tile flooring
Data Center Two Features:
– More than 10,000 square feet
– Overhead cable management, under floor power distribution
– 18″ raised floor
Data Center Three Features:
– 10,000 square feet
– Under floor cable management and power distribution
– 18″ raised floor

Security Systems

  • Biometric fingerprint readers
  • Card/PIN access
  • Combination lock cabinets
  • 24x7x365 monitored video surveillance

Environmental Controls/Redundancy

  • Redundant backup power
  • Redundant network infrastructure
  • Controlled temperature and humidity via HVAC units
  • Multiple local and regional refueling contracts
  • Geographic diversity/redundancy via other Peak 10 data centers
    Data Center One Features:
    – N + 1 UPS systems
    – 2 MW generating capacity
    – Dual detection dry pipe system
    Data Center Two Features:
    – Multiple 150/225 KVA PDU systems
    – 2250 KW emergency generator
    – Dry pipe/gas dual-action fire suppression system
    Data Center Three Features:
    – N + 1 UPS systems
    – 2250 KW emergency generator
    – Dry pipe/gas dual-action fire suppression system


  • Burstable up to 100 Mbps or more
  • Diverse fiber entry points– OC-12 up to OC-192
  • Internet / network access options- DS-1, DS-3 or OC-X connectivity
  • Metro Ethernet at 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps connectivity
  • ATM
  • Frame relay
  • Redundant Internet with multiple Tier 1 providers
  • Local Loop Access – BellSouth, Dukenet, Time Warner Telecom, Time Warner Cable, TelCove/Level 3, Comporium and CT Communications